Golden Brandy Maraska

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Item location: Croatia
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Golden Brandy Maraska



1 l, 35% alc.

Produced from high-quality wine distillate, with elegant and refined taste, it is an ideal on every occasion. It is extremely popular because of the pleasant aroma in cookery and as an ingredient in some of the most delicious dishes.


about brandydecent 3 / 5
Harmonious taste and pleasant smell. Do not expect too much.


Maraska from Zadar, Croatia is one of the most famous modern Croatian companies. It has a long tradition in producing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of various types and flavors. The first craft production in Zadar dates back in 1779: local peasants were supplying the Zadar distillery with home grown marasca sour cherry variety. The distillation process of marasca has been improved ever since. Maraska Distillery is the synonim of perfect distillation of marasca sour cherry worldwide nowadays.


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