Golden Pear Brandy

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0.7 l, 40% alc.

Crystal clear brandy produced of Williams pears with strong fruity fragrance.

Brandy is made from fully ripe, clean fruits in double distillation process in traditional way.


pear Brandy wood barrel old brandy brandy glass cold Brandy Aperitiv drink

about brandy decent 3 / 5
Smooth, crystal clear brandy with not so distinct aroma of pear. If you expect it to have mercy to your palates, well... you have to be wise:-) A shot or two before meals or  afterwards with fruit, it is my recommendation.


MB Impex Distillery

MB Impex Distillery was founded in Banja Luka, Bosnia 1996. Their wormwood bittel liqueur is already well known. Now they introduce a Golden Club: 4 very good fruit brandies (plum, pear, quince and apricot). All Golden Brandies are distilled from fruits picked in their own orchards and using modern technology. They already export it to 13 countries. "The success of this brandy is in its ability to connect your senses with the nature."


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