Grape Brandy Coka

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0.7 l, 45.6% alc.

Grape Brandy made from Riesling grapes.

Green vineyards on the fertile land near the Tisza river combined with the grapes from Ohrid vineyards (Macedonia) provide an unusual flavour of this brandy. Distilled from fermented Riesling grape variety.


	grape		Brandy barrel		old brandy		brandy glass		cold Brandy		Aperitiv drink

about brandy 	decent		3 / 5
Macedonia in a bottle. Decent loza distilled in huge quantity. Has all what real grape brandy must have, but nothing too emphasized and magnificent. Very good, recommend it.


Winery Coka is among the largest and most beautiful underground cellars in the whole Balkans. The construction of this magnificent cellar began Arthur Lederer in 1903. A century and a decade of dedicated work and responsibility, several generations of employees had created a strong winery that achieves and maintains quality.


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