Herbal Brandy Travaklija

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1 l, 40% alc.

Travaklija is a quality herbal brandy made according to the old Serbian tradition using modern technologies.

Zaric distillery has brought many great products to the market, but their herbal brandy is really one of a kind experience. Amber color, bottle with a herb inside thrills you at first sight. Once opened intoxicating herbal smell fills the room. Great blend of different herbs smooths the harsh plum brandy in every possible way. The taste is rich but yet soft and soothing. It’s best served at 12 degrees Celsius before the lunch.


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If you wish to have a full experience of drink, sight and smell Zaric’s Travaklija is the one for you. The enchanting smell of meadow, mixed with nice plum brandy, rounded up with amber color is really something you wish from your herb brandy. On top of that, there’s one herb inside the bottle, just to make everything better.


zaric Distillery

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bar code 8606008203034

The Zaric Distillery was established on the tradition and within the premises of the former and famous brandy distillery ‘Povlen’ whose old fame was fading out for two decades until the start of the Zaric family business. In spite of fruit growing tradition of the area of Kosjeric, the old ‘Povlen’ to lost its shine due to different circumstances. We were decisive to use the potential of this fruit growing area and the tradition of producing the top quality brandy in the first place, we invested our greatest capacities in modernizing and reconstructing the existing plants for fruit processing and distillation, thus increasing the demand for fruit growing in this area, as well as the production capacities.


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