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Badel Domaci Rum 1L Badel Domaci Rum 1L

One of the most recognizable liqueurs in ex Yugoslavia. It is used as an additive for sweets and as a popular additive for tea.

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Blueberry Liqueur Badel Blueberry Liqueur Badel

Tawny red mild and sweet blueberry liqueur made of natural ingredients.

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Cherrica Sour Cherry Liqueur Maraska Cherrica Sour Cherry Liqueur Maraska

Fruit liqueur produced of ripe and clean Maraska sour cherry variety, light red a bit sweet and a bit sour liqueur.

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Cherry Liqueur Badel Cherry Liqueur Badel

Fruit liqueur made of authentic Croatian cherry variety Marasca, sweet with pleasant aroma and fruity odor and red colour.

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Cherry Liqueur Flirt Cherry Liqueur Flirt

Dark red colour liqueur made of ripe cherries.

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Cherry Liqueur Mistique Cherry Liqueur Mistique

Sweet liqueur with pleasant cherry aroma, low level of alcohol

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Green Walnut  Kovilj Monastery Green Walnut Kovilj Monastery

Mild and a bit sweet liqueur aged with unripe, green walnuts, denser than ordinary brandy produced by 13- century

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Herbal Liqueur Hopovo Monastery Herbal Liqueur Hopovo Monastery

Pure and organic grape brandy with more than 10 medicinal herbs added and matured with the brandy. Hand- crafted in Serbian Orthodox monastery Hopovo in traditional way.

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Liqueur Choco Mistique Liqueur Choco Mistique

Very sweet liqueur with choco aroma

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Liqueur Coco Simex Liqueur Coco Simex

Sweet liqueur with pleasant coco aroma, low level of alcohol

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Liqueur with a soul Liqueur with a soul

Apple brandy matured in oak barrels with honey and propolis. Unique mixture.

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Liqueur with honey Vojvoda Liqueur with honey Vojvoda

Apple brandy mixed and aged with honey.

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Maraschino Maraschino

Sweet liqueur with pleasant cherry aroma, low level of alcohol

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Maraska Pear Liqueur Kruskovac Maraska Pear Liqueur Kruskovac

Sweet and fine golden liqueur with pleasant taste of tree ripened pears

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Pear liqueur Kruskovac Badel Pear liqueur Kruskovac Badel

An authentic sweet style pear liqueur produced in Croatia, known as the Wedding Kruskovac.

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Pear liqueur Kruskovac Simex Pear liqueur Kruskovac Simex

Sweet liqueur extremely attractive colors and intense, fresh aromas of pear honey flavors.

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Raspberry Liqueur Intrigue Raspberry Liqueur Intrigue

Mild and sweet liqueur with emphasized fragrance of the finest raspberry

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Walnut Brandy Maraska Walnut Brandy Maraska

Bitter sweet liqueur. Known for its exceptional curative features.

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Walnut Brandy Serbian Trio Walnut Brandy Serbian Trio

Walnut- colured fruit brandy with specific fragrance and aroma of a pure brandy of higher density

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