Walnut Liqueur Anteria Limited Edition

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0,5 l, 24% alc.

Walnut Liqueur ANTERIA Limited Edition is a unique traditional combination of extract of carefully selected young walnuts and aged wine distillate. This liqueur has been produced in Serbia, by fourth generation of Artisani Distillery, using special technology process from the extract of unripe green walnuts. The walnut liqueur has a specific aroma and taste, it's a little bit bitter, but still very tasty.

"In Serbian history, folk tradition and cuisine, walnut has a central place for centuries. Walnut was and remains a symbol of fertility, abundance and well-being. This liqueur is prepared from unripe, even green fruits of walnut. Unripe fruits of walnut, with a soft medium, are naturally rich in vitamin C and iodine. For that reason Walnut Liqueur has been used in folk medicine for hundreds of years, as a natural remedy for the thyroid gland and digestive disorders. The recipe for its production could be found in monastic writings, notes of old herbalists and chronicles of former landlords’ houses because walnut liqueur has been served as a universal tonic for healthy digestion for centuries. "

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This Walnut Liqueur is a liqueur with the lowest percentage of sugar, so we recommend it as great remedy for the thyroid gland! Before serving, shake the walnut liqueur slightly to raise the healing precipitate. Drink a small glass of this liqueur before meals four times a day.


Liqueur Brandy barrel old brandy brandy glass tawny Brandy room temperature Aperitiv drink

about brandy recommended 4 / 5
Best to drink cooled to a temperature 0 - 5 degrees. Excellent taste when mixed with food and non-alcoholic beverages


Artisani Distillery

Artisani Distillery is located in picturesque landscape of central Serbia, in a village Veliki Kupci not far away from Krusevac. This is a family business and fourth generation has been involved in a traditional production of brandy that is recognized as "unique, natural and real". Fertile land and natural way of fruits growing in this region of Serbia provide raw materials from which Artisani continues to make art and to produce brandy of aromatic fruit spectrum. Distilled brandy is exclusively kept in oak barrels. Therefore, main signature of Artisani's product is the look (colour), refined palate and intensity of aroma (fragrance and taste).


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