6 Maraska Pear Liqueur Kruskovac Basket

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Item location: EU, Croatia

Basket of 6 x 1 l, 25% alc. 

Sweet and fine golden liqueur with pleasant taste of tree ripened pears

The juicy pears, grown in Croatia are full of taste and characteristic aroma. It is the traditional drink for ladies at weddings in the former Yugoslavia.

likerbure za rakijustara RakijaČaša za Rakiju Zlatno ŽutaRakija kao Digestiv


about brandy recommended 4 / 5
This aromatic liqueur is an excellent accompaniment to cakes and other desserts at any time. Serve is chilled in small liqueur glasses.


Maraska dd is one of the most famous modern Croatian company. It has a long and glorious tradition in the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of various types and flavors. More than five centuries of experiences and tradition resulted in the production of the famous cherry liqueur Maraschino.


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