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Apple Brandy Kovilj Monastery Apple Brandy Kovilj Monastery

Dark amber apple brandy produced from cider by traditional Calvados receipe and aged for 3 years in oak in 13- century Orthodox Monastery of Kovilj

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Apricot Brandy Kovilj Monastery Apricot Brandy Kovilj Monastery

Colourless fruit brandy distilled in traditional way in the Kovilj Orthodox Monastery

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Green Walnut  Kovilj Monastery Green Walnut Kovilj Monastery

Mild and a bit sweet liqueur aged with unripe, green walnuts, denser than ordinary brandy produced by 13- century

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Herbal Liqueur Hopovo Monastery Herbal Liqueur Hopovo Monastery

Pure and organic grape brandy with more than 10 medicinal herbs added and matured with the brandy. Hand- crafted in Serbian Orthodox monastery Hopovo in traditional way.

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Hopovo Monastery Slivovitz Hopovo Monastery Slivovitz

Plum Brandy Slivovitz from 17-century Orthodox Monastery Hopovo

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Pear Brandy Kovilj Monastery Pear Brandy Kovilj Monastery

Very clear and good pear brandy produced of Williams pear in 13-century Orthodox Monastery of Kovilj

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Plum Brandy Bukovo Monastery Plum Brandy Bukovo Monastery

Slivovitz aged for 2 years in oak in 13- century Orthodox Monastery of Bukovo.

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Plum Brandy Kovilj Monastery Plum Brandy Kovilj Monastery

Dark amber plum brandy double distilled and aged for 3 years in oak in 13- century Orthodox Monastery of Kovilj

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Quince Brandy Kovilj Monastery Quince Brandy Kovilj Monastery

Ripe and carefully selected quince is smashed and left to ferment for a couple of weeks in Monastery cellars. It is distilled in the old way using the modern technology. Aging in oak barrels has the specific attention of the Monastery: fruity fragrance has to be preserved during aging.

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