Frequently Asked Questions


Where is your shop located?

In Croatia. Our warehouse address is: Nova logistika d.o.o. , Eugena Kvaternika 69, 32000 Vukovar, Croatia.

Can I visit you and buy your products on the spot?

Unfortunately not. We are online shop only, no bricks and mortar shop, no personal sales. We even don’t have a store, just a warehouse.

Shipping Croatia/ EU/ World

Can I order your products if I live outside of Croatia?

Yes, of course, you are very welcome. You ill have to arrange your own shipping, but we shall help you.

I live outside EU. Can I still order your products?

Everyone can order our products online. But you’d have to organize your own shipping. We do not recommend shipping our products out of EU due to the high shipping, export and import cost.

Why do you not ship to EU countries?

Our products can be shipped to the EU countries, but we do not organize the shipping.

If we ship to the EU country, we would have to pay your local excise duty. We have no capacity for that. Instead you may organize your own shipping and pay your local excise duty.

Is it possible to order expedited shipping?

Yes, each shipping option that you organize is acceptable to us.

How will I know the courier has taken over the parcel?

You will be notified by the courier on the pick up. You may ask us as well, we’ll be glad to inform you. Just drop us an email please.

How can I track the parcel?

When the courier takes over the parcel, the pick up info and the tracking number will be sent to you in an email. The courier sends the email with the tracking page.

When can I expect my products?

It depends on the courier that you hire. Usually, shipping to Croatia is 2 working days, 3 working days to Slovenia and Austria, 3-4 working days to Germany, 5 working days to the UK, Sweden, Denmark, 6 working days to Spain, Finland

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs depend on the courier that you hire. If you want to take our advice and hire Eurosender, the shipping costs can be found here.

Courier/ Packaging/ Damage

How will my courier know which parcel should be taken over at your warehouse?

Don’t worry. The parcel will be ready for the courier. The courier will come to our warehouse with your name, we shall find the parcel and hand it over to the courier.

Does courier have to pack the bottles?

No, we pack each bottle separately in polystyrene and cardbox. That’s our part of the deal. The bottles will be ready when courier arrives.

What if the bottles are broken during the transport?

We shall replace them with the new products or refund the transaction if it turns out the courier damaged the parcel due to our bad packaging.

Must I hire the courier that you suggest?

Of course not. You are completely free to choose your own courier, pick up the parcel in person or send someone to pick it up on your behalf. We do not limit you in any way. We shall take any means of delivery that you choose. You can count on our full cooperation.

Can I send the courier immediately after I placed my order?

Yes, you can. We suggest you hire courier right after you placed your order with us.

Will the goods be ready for the courier on time?

Yes, we shall prepare the parcel immediately after you place your order with us.


How much can I buy?

There is no upper limit, you can buy as much as you like. It should be the quantity for your personal needs, your family or friends needs, birthday party or a wedding party.

What is the optimum quantity for the shipping?

As the couriers usualy offer different shipping prices for up to 2 kg (1 bottle), 2 – 10 kg (2 – 7 bottles), 10 – 20 kg (7-14 bottles), 20-30 kg (13-18 bottles), etc. A 0,7-litres bottle usualy weights about 1.2 kg, and a 1-litre bottle usualy weights about 1.7 kg.

In order to optimise the shipping we suggest you take advantage of the scaling and order the maximum number of bottles for the shipping price that you pay. Eg. If you pay for a parcel of 10 kg (containing up to 7 bottles), it is much more reasonable if you order 7 bottles instead of just 2 bottles for the same price of the shipping.

Pick up

Where should I send the courier to pick my parcel?

The pick up address is: Eugena Kvaternika 69, 32000 Vukovar, Croatia. Warehouse telephone +385 99 649 4023 (Croatian language only).

May I pick up the goods myself?

Yes, you are very welcome. You do not have to announce your arrival.

Can someone else pick up the goods for me?

Yes, of course, anyone can pick up the goods. Please send us email prior to the pick up with the person’s name. The email should be sent to If the third party comes to our facilites and asks the parcel on your behalf, we shall contact you prior to handing over the parcel.

Where can we pick up the goods?

The goods can be picked up from our warehouse: Eugena Kvaternika 69, 32000 Vukovar, Croatia.

When will the goods be ready for pick up after the ordering?

The goods is ready immediately. 2-3 hours the most.

Is it possible to order now and my courier to pick up the goods later?

Yes, deferred pick up and shipping is possible. You paid for your goods and we shall keep it as long as you like. From time to time, we shall remind you to pick up your parcel because we don’t want to be tempted to ...:-) you know.


Can I pay on delivery in Croatia?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to pay on delivery right now. We don’t take cash. But we are working on it and it will be possible to pay cash to the courier in the future.

Can I pay on delivery in the EU?

No, unfortunately it is not possible.

Can I pay to your bank account?

No, right now it is not yet possible, but we shall enablt the option.


Can I return?

Yes, of course. All unopened and undamaged bottles and other merchandise can be returned within 30 days of the order date.

Who pays for the return?


What if I cancel the order before the shipping?

No problem. Just drop us an email and we shall refund the whole amount to your account from which you paid.

What if I don’t take over the parcel?

No problem. We shall consider it as the order cancelation and refund the whole order amount to your account.

Legal Issues

Is it legal to buy alcohol on the internet in the EU?

Yes, it is. As long as all duties and levies are paid in your destination country, it is legal to buy alcohol on the Internet.

Do you pay excise duty in my coutry, if I live outside of Croatia?

No. Tastebrandy sells goods at the parity ExWarehouse in Croatia, which means we bear no responsibility for the consumption of alcohoic beverages outside of Croatia. We sell goods with the Croatian VAT and excise duty included.

Should I declare the order to the customs authorities in my country?

Yes. If you receive goods within the EU and outside of Croatia, you should contact your local customs office and send them our invoice. You will be charged for the excise duty in your country.

What protection do I have when buying from you?

We, Nova logistika d.o.o. Croatia are binded by Croatian positive laws. Besides, you are protected by payment processors, especially PayPal. If we do not fulfill our part of the deal, you can very easily, in 2-3 clicks, gain protection from PayPal. PayPal then freezes the funds at our account and we have to prove our inocency. It is very efficient. But we shall hardly let you ask for the arbitration, becuse we strive to resolve all disputes very quickly and efficiently.

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