Old Falcons Apricot Brandy LUX

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0,7 l, 40% alc.

Old Falcons Apricot Brandy LUX is a top-quality fruit brandy with dominant ripe apricots aroma. Aging in oak barrels ensuring a specific aroma.

Apricot brandy is produced according to the traditional recipes and in accordance with modern norms and standards. Seeds are removed which results in a luxurious taste. Brandy is 100% natural and traditional.


about brandy	strongly recommended	5 / 5
Apricot odor fills the space when you open the bottle. I am to witness that this is really about 100% natural prepared apricot brandy!


Old Falcons Distillery Serbia

The Old Falcons Brandy is crafted with many hidden secrets, the most beautiful of which is the love that grows between the brandy and its oak barrel. Like other forms of love, this type is enriching. ”The longer the love lasts, the better the brandy becomes.“ The producer Bogdanovic Family from Western Serbia, South Eastern Europe has respectable tradition of producing plum brandy (Slivovitz) of premium quality.


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