Old Falcons Herbal Brandy LUX

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Item location: EU, Croatia




0.7 l, 40% alc.

Plum brandy aromatized with 21 medical herbs from the meadows of Tara and Zlatibor mountains. Valerian, Yarrow and Gentian are the most important herbs in the brandy.

Carefully selected ripe plums are fermented and left in oak barrels to mature in traditional way. During aging medicinal herbs are added to enrich its love with a barrel. 21 medical herbs from Western Serbia Region, among them are Valerian, Yarrow and Gentian.


brandy_herbs Brandy wood barrel old brandy brandy glass herbal green yellow cold Brandy Aperitiv drink

about brandy recommended 4 / 5
Dark amber, not only because of oak-cask aging, but because of so many medicinal herbs. A little bit bitter, it definitely shakes your whole body, you feel the blood circulates. Good density and very pleasant smell. Sincerely: I had to taste this one!


Old Falcons Distillery Serbia

"The Old Falcons Brandy is crafted with many hidden secrets, the most beautiful of which is the love that grows between the brandy and its oak barrel.” Like other forms of love, this type is enriching. ”The longer the love lasts, the better the brandy becomes.“  Radisav Bogdanovic, the producer Bogdanovic Family from Western Serbia, South Eastern Europe has respectable tradition of producing plum brandy (Slivovitz) of premium quality.






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