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Blackberry Brandy DiBonis Blackberry Brandy DiBonis

Colourless blackberry brandy, crystal clear. Exotic, intense aroma of spices from the East with main notes of cinnamon. The taste is intense, strong, slightly bitter with complex terminations.

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Cornel Berry Brandy Gazdina Cornel Berry Brandy Gazdina

Clear and colourless brandy, a bit pungent and sharp. Very rare and unique brandy.

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Forest Plum Brandy Slivovitz Forest Plum Brandy Slivovitz

Plum brandy slivovitz matured in oak barrels with forest fruit and honey. Unique mixture.

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Fruit Brandy Takovo Fruit Brandy Takovo

Colourless fruit brandy made of various types of fruit.

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Golden cornel berry brandy Golden cornel berry brandy

Bitter- sweet mild liqueur with specific elder fragrance.

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Hawthorn Flower Brandy Hawthorn Flower Brandy

Special grapa brandy with the addition of hawthorn flower.

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Honey Drop Brandy Serbian Trio Honey Drop Brandy Serbian Trio

Mild and sweet brandy with honey- yellow colour

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Premium Raspberry Brandy Serbian Bell Premium Raspberry Brandy Serbian Bell 29.28€Buy Now
Stomaklija Brandy with Medicinal Herbs Stomaklija Brandy with Medicinal Herbs

Healing brandy, herald of a good appetite.

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Strawberry Brandy DiBonis Strawberry Brandy DiBonis

Sweet colourless crystal clear brandy of strawberry with floral notes

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Walnut Brandy Serbian Trio Walnut Brandy Serbian Trio

Walnut- colured fruit brandy with specific fragrance and aroma of a pure brandy of higher density

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