Pear Brandy Anteria Exclusive

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0,7 l, 42% alc.

Pear Brandy Anteria Exclusive is distilled from high quality Serbian pears “viljamovka” that provide intensive fragrance, strong taste, clean aftertaste. Famous juicy, fragrant, sweet, and irresistible taste of “viljamovka” grown in picturesque landscape of Serbia enriches this brandy with gorgeous fragrance of pear.

"Pear Brandy Anteria Exclusive is made on traditional way from high quality pears’ sort “viljamovka” - famous by its juicy, fragrant, sweet and irresistible fruits grown in Serbia. Namely, the fruit of the pear Williams contains 8-15% of sugar and very little acid (0.10-0.59) contains a lot of aromatic substances, so the brandy obtained from this pear sort is also called “Viljamovka gorgeous fragrance” "


about brandystrongly recommended 5 / 5
Drink with pleasure, by little, and feel all the benefits of sophisticated fragrant aroma. Lovely to be served chilled


Artisani Distillery

Artisani Distillery is located in picturesque landscape of central Serbia, in a village Veliki Kupci not far away from Krusevac. This is a family business and fourth generation has been involved in a traditional production of brandy that is recognized as "unique, natural and real". Fertile land and natural way of fruits growing in this region of Serbia provide raw materials from which Artisani continues to make art and to produce brandy of aromatic fruit spectrum. Distilled brandy is exclusively kept in oak barrels. Therefore, main signature of Artisani's product is the look (colour), refined palate and intensity of aroma (fragrance and taste).


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