Pear Brandy Junkovcanka

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Pear Brandy Junkovcanka


The most aromatic pear for brandy is the Williams pear, Serbian experience states.

0.7 l, 40% alc.

Colourless brandy crafted of ripe williams pear in traditional way

 The pear is grown in family orchards in Central Serbia. The task is to preserve the fruity aroma during distilling and aging.


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I'm not a fan of pear brandy, but some of friends of mine really are and they said they were satisfied. Maybe even too satisfied with this brandy ... :-)


	Junkovcanka Distillery

bar code 8600001100048 Pear Brandy Junkovcanka
bar code  8600001100048

A family-owned distillery with limited quantities of the top-quality fruit brandies. Located in Sumadija, central Serbian region known for its orchards and excellent fruit, the Distillery uses its own fruit for brandy distilling. The fruit is processed according to the traditional receipts and aged in natural oak wood.



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