Pear Brandy Lukic Cellar

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Pear Brandy Lukic Cellar



0.5 l, 42% alc.

Colourless and clear pear brandy with pleasant aroma of Williams pear.

Brandy produced from fully ripe pears. After controlled fermentation with yeasts, double disitillation is performed. Distillate is kept in stainless steel.


	pear	Brandy wood barrel 	old brandy		brandy glass		cold Brandy		Aperitiv drink

about brandy 	recommended		4 / 5
Brandy that is properly cooled, has smooth odour of pear and intensive taste. Excellent as aperitif.


Lukic Cellar is part of a family farm from Serbia that has been distilling fruit brandies from its own orchards for more than a century. Their orchards are dominated by plum, varietes Pozegaca and Ranka. The brandy is distilled through double distillation and aged in oak. The most famous product is Plum Brandy Decade.



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