Williams Christ Pear Brandy Pruna Premium

281,33kr VAT 25% incl.

Item location: EU, Croatia




0,70 l, 40% alc.

Natural fruit brandy of golden yellow colour distilled of ripe Williams pear, rich in fruity taste, pleasant and balanced.

Very aromatic Williams pear brandy is fermented for 3 weeks and distilled. It ages in oak for several years. The pear brandy presrves the fruity and refreshing floral fragrance. The fragrance is caused by essential oils of fruit, without any artificial additives. The brandy has golden yellow colour, distinct fruity taste and exciting long-lasting floral ending, making the palate to enjoy.


about brandystrongly recommended 5 / 5
One of the best pear brandies I’ve tasted. The Williams pear brandy must be recognized by its fragrance, even if your eyes are shut and you don’t know what type of brandy is in front of your nose. Well, this one is just alike.


Pruna is small family distillery of unique and supreme beverages located in village Vukovic in eastern Serbia, just near the Danube. The distillery has been owned by Ilic Family since 1934. Pruna handcrafts fruit brandy of unique taste, sophisticated wines and home made gin. Their spirits are all full in taste, every sip is unique and spreads the warmth all over the body. The fruit is grown in their own orchards, and after distillation it is aged in barrels. The fruit is of the best quality and ripeness, the distillation process is modern and strictly controlled and the strength is adjusted to the type of fruit brandy. The barrels are carefully selected and preserved, in order to gain specific and unique taste duirng aging. The quality of the aging process is controlled on daily basis. Therefore, they produce masterpieces.


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