Williams Pear Brandy Perun 5L

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5 l, 40% alc.

Pear brandy of nice scent and digestion- stimulating aroma and bouquet.

Carefully nurtured, and proudly picked, juicy pears, in the combination of traditional and modern technological process, into the finest brandy special taste and unique flavor.


about brandystrongly recommended 5 / 5
Aristocrat among the fruit, noble lady with high throne.It is drunk on special occasions with great pleasure while enjoying all the senses.


Artisani Distillery

Placed in northern Serbian Vojvodina province, Perun Distillery gathers young and enthusiastic team of experienced craftmakers of fruit brandy. Distillation is controlled in automated system of digitalized pots that measure the numerous parameters of distilled brandy until the desired values. That way the brandy always has the same taste. Aging is performed in French oak barrels for at least three years; colourless brandy is aged in stainless steel pots. They keep track of every detail, so even heating of the distillery originates from the energy of distilling. Remarkable, isn't it?


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