Pear liqueur Kruskovac Simex

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Pear liqueur Kruskovac Simex



1 l, 25% alc.

Sweet liqueur extremely attractive colors and intense, fresh aromas of pear honey flavors.

Kruskovac is made according to an old recipe from the distillate and natural aroma of exquisite sorts of pears. The harmony of scents and flavors rounded out with a lovely bright yellow.


Liqueur Brandy barrel fresh brandy brandy glass tawny Brandy room temperature Aperitiv drink

about brandy decent 3 / 5
Ideal for unusual cocktails with dramatic taste. It is used in gastronomy and confectionery to emphasize the taste and scent of pears.


Simex Distillery

Simex Subotica, Northern Serbia is one of the leading Serbian alcoholic beverage producers. It has wide assortment of over 40 types of fruit brandies, liqueurs and other spirits of medium quality, massively produced.


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