Plum Brandy Ducat Of Jelica

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Plum Brandy Ducat Of Jelica



0,7 l, 45% alc.

Treasure from Serbia. Excellent and smooth plum brandy from Western Serbia aged in special oak barrels for 12 years.

Ducats have always been kept as hidden family treasure. The Ducat was distilled at Mountain Jelica in Western Serbia according to the old family-kept receipe. Its tawny golden colour reveals aged brandy, balanced and smooth, but strong enough. Only 10.000 bottles is produced every year. Each bottle has a unique number.


plums Brandy wood barrel very old brandy brandy glass tawny cold Brandy Aperitiv and Digestive drink

about brandy strongly recommended 5 / 5
Very potable brandy pleasant to my palate. Its density and golden colour witness of a masterpiece. It conquers with its aroma. One of the best I have ever tasted.

Artisani Distillery

Prodanovic Family from the village of Pridvorica in Western Serbia distills this brandy from the plum from their own orchards. The orchards are situated on eastern slopes of Jelica Mountain. The whole process is done by the family members. Only pitted prunes are fermented under full control and double distilled afterwards. The moto of the family is that a good brandy is born in the orchard.


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