Plum Brandy Gentian Lincura

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0.7 l, 52% alc.

Natural plum brandy crafted of ripe fruit and medical herbs aged in oak barrel. Twice distilled

Ripe plums are carefully selected, compressed and fermented for 3 weeks. Natural processes happen during fermentation. Crafted in traditional way, the distilled brandy of high alcoholic volume is distilled again, gaining alc. 52% v/v (the strongest Slivovitz). Double- distilled brandy is poured into oak barrels and several medical herbs are added to mature with the brandy. There are 3 g/l of gentian (Gentiana Cruciata, Lincura).


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about brandy decent 3 / 5
Provocative. I like it a little bit bitter, my stomach expects it. Lincura has unusual taste because of medicinal herbs. Tawny colour, optimal density, but strong and bitter, bitter, bitter... I suppose I had to get prepared for it prior to tasting.


Takovo Distillery

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Lincura, this unique and natural drink is composed of bitter and aromatic herbs, picked from the high sunny pastures and meadows of Serbia. The extracted elements of these plants have a healing power over the whole body, especially the digestive system. It is known that support the weak, anemic and sick people, those who fall short of acidity in their stomachs or feel the loss of appetite. Fill and drink one small brandy glass approximately half an hour before a meal, once a day.


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