Plum Brandy Slivovitz 12 Years Old Serbian Bell

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0.7 l, 43% alc.

Very old Slivovitz aged in oak from domestic species.

Ripe fruit smashed, fermented and distilled. The brandy is aged so that it keeps emphasissed smell and aroma of plum.


plums Brandy wood barrel very old brandy brandy glass tawny cold Brandy Aperitiv and Digestive drink

about brandy strongly recommended 5 / 5
This 12-year-old-lady is matured and experienced enough. And it deserves a drinker just alike herself. Floral note and slight vanilla odor, harmonized taste, optimal density, tawny yellow (more ruby) colour, make it very respectable eau de vie.


Srpsko zvono Valjevo Distillery

Zoran Milinkovic is the heir to the 150 years old family tradition of Slivovitz distillation in village Gornja Bukovica near Valjevo, Western Serbia. All household members are included. Distillery Serbian Bell cherishes its own orchards and balckberry plantations. Some fruit is purchased in the nearby villages. All fruit has to be ripe, healthy and free of diseases. Variablity in aroma, taste and odor of the brandy year-to-year proves that it is hand-crafted and that it depends on the quality of the fruit and climate that year.

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