Quince Brandy Kovilj Monastery

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Amber quince brandy with preserved fruity aroma

0.7 l, 43% alc.

Brandy distilled in traditional way in 13-century monastery in Serbia

Ripe and carefully selected quince is smashed and left to ferment for a couple of weeks in Monastery cellars. It is distilled in the old way using the modern technology. Aging in oak barrels has the specific attention of the Monastery: fruity fragrance has to be preserved during aging.


monastery 	Brandy wood barrel		old brandy		brandy glass golden yellow		cold Brandy		Aperitiv and Digestive drink

about brandy 	recommended		4 / 5
Golden colour, optimal density. When you bring the glass of this quince to your nose, you feel how refreshing and vivid it is. Well done!


Kovilj Monastery

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Monastery of Kovilj is situated in northern Serbian province Vojvodina, nearby Novi Sad. It was founded by Saint Sava in the early 13th century. Saint Sava was a prince and the first archbishop of Serbian Orthodox Church. The Monastery was built on the spot where Saint Sava healed the son of the Hungarian King Andrew II. Monastery has a large brotherhood, school of iconography and produces reputable cheese, wine and brandy.


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