Quince Brandy Perun

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0,7 l, 40% alc.

Brandy of emphasized fruity aroma and nice scent.

The famous Quince variete is fermented in strict and controlled conditions. It is distilled in pots in traditional way. Therefore, this brandy won a Grand Gold Medal, 75.International Agricultural Fair, Novi Sad 2008.


about brandystrongly recommended 5 / 5
You feel the quince very clear on your palate. Can be tasted as aperitif or digestive, as you wish. I do recommend this quince brandy with greatest pleasure!


Artisani Distillery

In Perun Distillery, it all begins with fruits. They grab the essence of what the nature gives. There is no compromise when it comes to their process of making premium brandy. The perfect fruits, the perfect production process leads to the perfect brandy. It really is that simple.


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