Quince Brandy Zaric 1 L

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1 l, 40% alc.

Colourless quince brandy with very pleasant fruity fragrance.

Made of selected, ripe quince. It is distilled and re-distilled in traditional way in order to gain the alcoholic strength.


Quince Brandy wood barrel fresh brandy brandy glass cold Brandy Aperitiv drink

about brandy decent 3 / 5
It feels full of fruity refreshing taste. Nothing spectacular, but acceptable!


zaric Distillery

The Zaric Distillery was established on the tradition and within the premises of the former and famous brandy distillery ‘Povlen’ whose old fame was fading out for two decades until the start of the Zaric family business. In spite of fruit growing tradition of the area of Kosjeric, the old ‘Povlen’ to lost its shine due to different circumstances. We were decisive to use the potential of this fruit growing area and the tradition of producing the top quality brandy in the first place, we invested our greatest capacities in modernizing and reconstructing the existing plants for fruit processing and distillation, thus increasing the demand for fruit growing in this area, as well as the production capacities.


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