Schmekers Quince Brandy 4 Years Old

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0,50 l, 40% alc.

Fine and potable brandy of distilled quince, golden yellow color brandy and preserved pleasant fruit aroma.

The Schmekers Quince Brandy was distilled from the local variety of quince fruit called Quince Of Leskovac (Leskovacka dunja). The ripe quince is pressed and the juice is left to ferment. The fermented quince juice is used for distilling the Schmekers in one unique distillation, without redestillation. This way the original aroma of quince is well preserved in the brandy. Therefore, the Schmekers is typical representative of the fruity quince brandy. It was aged in oak barrels for the first half of year, and afetrwards in stainless steel coppers.


about brandystrongly recommended 5 / 5
When you have it with your eyes closed, you can determine the type of fruit it was distilled of. Quince, no mistake. Very pleasant, doesn't bite at all. As if it was made for my Western taste.


Podrum from the city of Krusevac, Central Serbia is a young distillery. They distill five thousand litres of quince and plum brandy per annum. The fruit is purchased in Serbia and carefully selected. They have a goal of distilling the brandy of the highest quality adjusted to the taste of Western customers.


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