Serbian Grape Brandy

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Serbian Grape Brandy




0.7 l, 45% alc.

Serbian Grape Brandy originates from the Yellow Wasp Family and is the only non-plum brandy distilled by famous Flores. Loza-sister of Yellow Wasp, it is an original drink distilled from grape from Central Serbia, praised for its tasty aroma. It is characterized by mild, special but lasting aroma.

Distilled twice and left to age, it is the natural product free of any sugar, caramel or artificial colors, flavors.


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Very potable, rounded shape and distinct aroma. They've proven they are masters again. Incredibly likeable and pleasant brandy, I felt like I met it somewhere long time ago, as it has been my drink all these ages.


	Flores Distillery

bar code 8600925141028 Serbian Grape Brandy
bar code 8600925141028

It is noticed that yellow wasp takes its juices exclusively from the ripe fruit which has special quality, much sugar, low sourness, which is free from spraying and has a perfect purity deriving from the sunny southern exposing grounds. That is why we particularly praise a brandy produced from the plums which are consumed by the yellow wasp. It's a sure sign of plums' exceptional quality and denotes the beginning of a harvest made to a super-quality natural brandy. 

Apart from famous slivovitz plum brandy Yellow Wasp, Flores Distillery makes this grape brandy as the only non-slivovitz brandy in its assortment.

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In November 1999, Flores received a World Oscar from the Institute for European Promotions and Eureka, Brussels, as a company that specially marked the 20th century.



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