Golden valley Serbian Slivovitz 12 Years old

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0,7 l, 45% alc.

Completely natural masterpiece of Slivovitz dark amber aged for 12 years in domestic Serbian oak.

Several plum species are used for this Slivovitz, and the dominating are autochtonous species of „Pozegaca“, „Trnovaca“ and „Ranka“. They are blended in different proportions every year, depending on the content and fertility of fruit. This way stable quality of Slivovitz is gained by mixing completely natural products. No artificial additives. After distillation, the Slivovitz is aged in oak for at least 12 years, so oak is calming down its ingredients. One of the best Slivovitz in the market.


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about brandy strongly recommended 5 / 5
The Golden Valley Slivovitz takija keeps the memory of history, tradition and a longlasting existence of the people that is strongly related to its fruits.Clear, dark amber yellow color, with chlorophyll reflection in the background. The fragrance is intense, the taste is very sumptuous, harmonious, exceptionally potable. The residual part of the taste is dominated by licorice tannins, joint with unobtrusive acids, make the Slivovitz its final touch.


Golden Valley Distillery Serbia

The Gvozdenovic Family of Karan near Uzice in Western Serbia makes not only exceptional Slivovitz, but it preserves the tradition by making it in the way as it was produced a century ago. The Gvozdenovic brothers have their own orchards with several prune species . The barrels are made of the oak from their own woods. And the Slivovitz is made and bottled on the estate. All their brandy is completely natural, without any artificial additives. They play with fruit characteristics which vary from year to year, in order to keep the stable quality of their Slivovitz.


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