Plum Brandy Kosjerka 10 Years Aged Limited Quantity

182,72kr VAT 25% incl.

Item location: EU, Croatia




0,7 l, 45% alc.

Sharp and silky plum brandy of dark amber colour, aged in oak barrels for 10 years, produced in limited quantity of 300 litres per year.

The Trnovaca and Pozegaca are the 2 varietes used for Kosjerka, grown at the family estate of 750 m elevation. The plum is smashed in the old-fashioned way and fermented with pits. Pits during fermentation grant a bit of sourness to the Slivovitz, as it was used to be in the old ages. The Slivovitz is aged in family cellar, devoted to family gatherings. Only unconsumed Slivoitz is sold to external buyers in very limited quantity.


plums Brandy wood barrel very old brandy brandy glass barrique color Aperitiv drink

about brandy strongly recommended 5 / 5
Yes, I can feel pits not being extracted. They make it sour. But it’s matter of taste. But it’s not sour, but calmed and thick, it has very nice colour reminding of barrels and grandpa’s cellar.


Milijan Jovanovic is the indvidual producer from Kosjeric, small city in Western Serbia. He distills his own Slivovitz for himself, family and his companions. The process begins in his own orchards on family estate. Being a University professor, he takes it as hobby and does not sell his Slivovitz. The only Slivovitz that is sold is the surplus that could have not been consumed by family and friends.


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