Plum brandy Slivovitz Memory PET 5L

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5 l , 43% alc.

Plum Brandy Memory - Uspomena is a light yellow brandy, very potable and balanced with mildly developed plum aroma.

Plum is one of recognizable Serbian trademarks, while plum brandy could be considered as Serbian national drink. is distilled from carefully selected and best quality plums (cacanska rana, pozegaca and stanley) that have been grown at 10 ha of best quality orchards owned by this small family company in the municipality Blace. This is a landscape where grows the best plum in this area. Climatic conditions, altitude of around 400 meters, as well as soil type are the ideal conditions required by this fruit.


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about brandy strongly recommended 5 / 5
This plum brandy provides specific spectrum of aroma and nice aftersmell and revoke nice and pleasant memories on good and old times. Excellent!


Agro Obst

Agro OBST from small municipality Blace (on Serbian south) is a family business involved in fruit production and processing of fruit for generations. However, the main activity of this company is production of high quality fruit brandies: plum brandy, quince brandy and bitters. The raw materials for fruit brandy are provided from a family farm with about 10 hectares of land, most of which are under plums. Continuously, the family is increasing the surface area of its orchards and investing on modernization of its work, both on orchards and in the distillery.


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