Premium Strong Plum Brandy Slivovitz Branko

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0,7 l, 50% alc.

Premium plum brandy Slivovitz of tawny amber colour, balanced and potable, aged in oak for 3 years.

The Premium Branko Slivovitz was distilled of various distillates of plum that are mixed together in certain proportion and left to age for 3 years in oak. It has strong body and densitiy, with chocolate and ripe plum aromas on the palate. It develops all its characteristics if served over ice, of a bit lower temperature.


plums Brandy barique barrel wood old brandy brandy glass barrique color very cold Brandy Aperitiv drink

about brandy strongly recommended 5 / 5
I thought it would be strong. On the contrary, you don’t even feel it’s 50% strong unless you read it on the label. What you feel is just like cognac: a sip sleazing down your throat, and you feel it when it reaches your stomach. It’s dense and golden. And you can have it in the evening as digestive as well.


Unlike most disitlleries in Serbia that are located in countryside, Belgrade Urban Distillery is in Belgrade Downtown. Odd place to produce an alcoholic beverage. Their wish is that every visitor and passerby in Belgrade can make sure how they produce their Slivovitz. They have a showroom where you can actually watch the whole process, and even a bank of Slivovitz in which you can deposit the Slivovitz that you have crafted yourself and let it age under professional supervision. Series „Branko“ is innovative and refreshing way of understanding Slivovitz.

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