Slivovitz Savicevic

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0.7 l, 42% alc.

Plum brandy slivovitz with nice tawny colour, redistilled in traditional way and aged in oak barrel

Ripe plum of the Pozegaca is carefully selected, smashed and left to ferment for a couple of weeks. Double- distilled in traditional way.

Aged in oakwood in order to calm down the fruity ingredients.

plums Brandy wood barrel old brandy brandy glass golden yellow cold Brandy Aperitiv drink

about brandy recommended 4 / 5
Very pure plum brandy with excellent aftertaste, optimal density and remembering fragrance. Recommend it!


Savicevic Distillery

Savicevic Rakija is in the Morava district, in central Serbia, near the town Ivanjica. Ivanjica region is known for many good traditional family brandies. In the production Savicevic Rakija gives special respect to an old family recipe, which is transmitted for generations, 300 years ago.


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