Slivovitz in Traditional Wicker Braided Demijohn 1 l

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Item location: EU, Croatia




1 l, 40% alc.

Golden yellow plum brandy of intensive aroma and fragrance.

Plum brandy tradiotionally twice distilled of specially selected plum varieties. The fruit is carefully and manually selected, the seeds is removed prior to the fermentation.


about brandyrecommended 5 / 5
Rich, smooth taste, exotic odour, arises all senses. Really good brandy!


The Levac Winery was founded back in 1950s. It produces grapes, wine, brandy, syrup and dried fruit. It has a cellar of 2,000 square meters, a filling plant, a warehouse and a distillery, and it also owns 90 hectares of land, of which 36 under vineyards and 35 under forests.


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