Soft Plum Brandy Gledicka

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Soft Plum Brandy Gledicka



1 l, 30% alc.

"Gledicka" is the one from the Gledic Mountains. Soft Gledicka Slivovitz is dedicated to boiling, making Sumadija Tea. It will acknowledge its presence in your blood very quick, because of the increased sugar content, but will also dissapear very fast. If properly served, you will never have headache as a consequence. Recommended dose: 1 to 2 cups, and if you're a fan then 3 to 4 .

Soft Slivovitz Gledicka is double- distilled brandy of about 50% strength, diluted to volume 30% v / v by adding distilled water and caramel, sugar


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Very unusual! My advice for consumption: cook the brandy. When it starts to boil remove from fire, cool it, and then back to a nice boil, and repeat once more. So, let it boil three times, wait until is calmed and then drink. It is often served this way in Central Serbia, especially in winter. It shakes whole of your body and blood starts to circulate faster.


Rakija iz Rakije Distillery

There is a village named Rakija. "Rakija iz Rakije" (Brandy from Brandy:-) is a family distillery, which began operating 2008, but their tradition is much longer.Their ancestors dealt with the brandy production 200 years ago and were exporting to Prague and Budapest. The Veljovic family from Rakija, the village on the slopes of the Gledic Mountains, discovered the old recipe, and thanks to that their slivoviz has the same flavour, odor and aroma as 200 years ago.


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