Sour Cherry Brandy Aqua Spirita

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Colourless and crystal clear brandy distilled of fermented sour cherry fruit

0.75 l, 42% alc.

Brandy with specific authentic aroma of sour cherry not so emphasized

Ripe and sweet sour cherry from family orchards and village Grocka near Belgrade is used. Smashed, fermented and distilled. The brandy is aged so that it keeps emphasized odor and specific aroma of sour cherry.


Sour cherry Brandy wood barrel old brandy brandy glass Brandy room temperature Aperitiv and Digestive drink

about brandy recommended 4 / 5
The fragrance is not so accented, but it is well shaped and extracted. The aroma is unique, reflecting the freshness and ripeness at the same time.


Ozegovic Distillery Distillery

A good spirit should slide down your throat when you take a sip and it must create a feeling of warmth in your stomach. Nothing must "cut into" throat or create a sense of discomfort in the mouth, but it must create a feeling like drinking hard liquor and eating the fruit from which the brandy is produced at the same time. Each fruit has its own particular aroma and flavor (spirit). During the process of fermentation and distillation its aroma and the spirit must be preserved. If you drink fruit brandy and you do not recognize the fruit from which it is made - that means the spirit is gone out of the bottle


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