Special Sour Cherry brandy DiBonis

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0.5 l, 40% alc.

Tawny red fruit Sour Cherry Brandy with specific fragrance and sweet aroma.

A special fruit brandy prepared with a special process rich in fruit scents and aromas. During this process the dried fruit of Sour Cherry is maturing together with the fruit brandy.


	Sour cherry		Brandy wood barrel		old brandy		brandy glass tawny		Brandy room temperature		Digestive drink

about brandy recommended	4 / 5
If you expect it to be too mild and too sweet, than you are wrong: this is a brandy, not a liqueur. Although the colour might bluff you, it is strong and refreshing at the same time.


DiBonis Winery is situated in North Serbia, known for its wines, but brandies are more and more consumed in Serbia and abroad. Its own technology and production


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