Strong Plum Brandy Lelic Monastery

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0.7 l, 50% alc.

Strong plum brandy aged in oak barrel for 2 years handcrafted in one of the youngest Serbian orthodox monasteries Lelic, packed with traditional wax and Serbian flag.

Plum brandy was distilled by monks and peasants of nearby villages around Valjevo. Prunes Pozegaca, Cacanska rodna and Stenlej are grown in Monastic orchards. The Slivovitz is double distilled, as usual, and left to age for 2 years in oak. It is pure, with no additives, fresh, and strong, but pleasant if taken in small sips and quantities.


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Wow. Strong but not unbearable. Actually, it was made just to be consumed in smaller quantities, as it was used to be in the past. Drunk men/women were not socially approved, so this strong Slivovitz was not obviously made for them. Quite unusual comparing to our public opinion in the West.


A very young male monastery, Lelic near city of Valjevo in Western Serbia, has become centre of many pilgrims. Their spiritual work with visitors, many healings and miracles, made the Monastery famous accross Orthodox world. Lelic is a seat and residence of the Bishop of the City of Valjevo. It has been also a residence of the Holy Bishop Nikolaj of Zica, whose earthly remains were transferred from the USA to Lelic.


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