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Nenad Nenad

Spent whole his working age in bank, specialized in foreign currency operations, credit cards and legal issues. He initated tastebrandy 2009 as the only online shop that specialized in slivovitz and brandy in the Balkans. In charge of development and new features. He gets weird ideas almost every day; we wish him to come to work without ideas at least one morning. So that we can rest a bit.

Interests & hobbies: geostrategic politics, integrations, economic development, monetary changes, modern money, legal issues.

Being a civil engineer, he is in charge of IT issues, internet marketing and other technical bothering stuff. His inclusion resulted in new applications, improvement in stock management and better packing. Devoted to new applications and modern online design. He starts to worry more and more about our shop and now we are concerned about him.

Interests & hobbies: being single, he devotes all his leisure time to our shop, and we are very grateful for that. But no pay rise, Bojan! Go and get married!
Dijana Dijana
Customers & Accounting

Takes care of Customer Service, Customs procedures, purchase and invoicing, tax issues and accounting. She solves problems so easily that she upsets other members of the team.

Interests & hobbies: besides being a wonderful spouse, she always learns new ways to solve our difficult requests.
Translations & Poetry

In charge of English and German version of our shop. German is her native language and she lectures English and German literature at the University. We are not quite clear how is she doing with the students, but we can’t take no more Shakespeare and Grimm brothers. This is a shop, Lana, not a novel!

Interests & hobbies: devoted to her husband and two kids, she spends her spare time mostly reading, learning and writing.
Lana Mayer
English Deutsch Srpski French Hrvatski Italian Dutch Svenska Danish Slovenian

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Apple Brandy Ognjena 5L
Apple Brandy Ognjena 5L