The Ilok Cellars Traminer Premium Wine 2012

109.66HRK VAT 25% incl.

Item location: EU, Croatia


0,75 l, 12,5% alc.


This is the first and only Croatian wine on the official royal wine list. The connection between Ilok Cellars and the British aristocracy started back in 1953 when the Ilocki Traminac was served to celebrate the crowning of the British Queen Elizabeth II.


REGION: Continental Croatia - The Croatian Danube

CHARACTERISTICS: This selected Traminer has a light yellow color a recognizable nose and bouquet of the traminer variety with a special and unique character. On the palate elegant and harmonious with a crisp and smooth finish. A wine for every occasion!

SERVING: Temperature of 10-12 ° C.

FOOD: Perfect paired with warm starters, pastas, risottos, white meat dishes and light desserts.

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