Wild Pear Brandy Ognjena

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0.5 l, 40% alc.

Two years old brandy distilled from wild pear with distinct aroma and fragrance. Unlike brandy distilled from cultivated Williams pear, wild pear brandy has stronger aroma and weaker fruity fragrance.

Wild pear is in its full ripeness is smashed and left to ferment. Usually a minimum content of sugar (up to 4%) is added prior to fermentation, just to stimulate fermentation, as wild pear has lower contents of fructose. Double distillation and aging in stainless steel barrels are the basis of makind wild pear brandy.


pear Brandy barrel old brandy brandy glass cold Brandy Aperitiv and Digestive drink

about brandy decent 3 / 5
Really a masterpiece. Wilderness in a bottle. I prefer wild pear brandy to the Williams pear brandy because it is unpredictable, untamed and full of surprises. A matter of taste. This is brandy of optimal density and not so aggressive fragrance.


Brothers Tomasevic Slivovitz Ognjena Distillery

The Tomasevic Brothers continue the family tradition of hand-crafting fruit brandies of the supreme quality. The distillery is situated in Prijepolje, western Serbia and the area is abundant with the most aromatic fruit of the highest quality. The distillation is done in old, traditional way.


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