Williams Pear Brandy Diva

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0,7 l, 40% alc.

Natural organic fruit brandy hand-crafted of ripe williams pear according to traditional technology.

Williams Pear contains the highest content of sugar and optimal balance between sugar and acids. Only ripe fruit is used, carefully selected, compressed and fermented.


about brandyrecommended 4 / 5
Provocative smell of fine pear, so strong aftertaste. Not suitable for light drinkers because of its strength.


The Levac Winery was founded back in 1950s. It produces grapes, wine, brandy, syrup and dried fruit. It has a cellar of 2,000 square meters, a filling plant, a warehouse and a distillery, and it also owns 90 hectares of land, of which 36 under vineyards and 35 under forests.


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