Williams Pear Brandy Old Song with Ripe Pear

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0.7 l, 40% alc.

Pear brandy crafted of ripe fruit with ripe pear grown and matured in the bottle.

Ripe fruit is carefully selected, compressed and fermented. Crafted in traditional way with no artifficial ingredients. While brandy matures in oakwood, bottles are fixed to the trees and small pears begin to grow inside empty bottles. When the pear is ripe, the bottle is taken off the tree containig pear and brandy is poured into the same bottle. From that moment brandy and its fruit start their everlasting love.


	pear	Brandy barrel old brandy Čaša za rakiju 	cold Brandy		Aperitiv drink

about brandy recommended		4 / 5
A pear inside a pear-shaped-bottle is pro- vocative. The brandy was granted a slight fragrance of a ripe pear. Nice density and aroma. I recommend it as a nice gift or to the people that prefer unusual brandy.


Stara pesma Distillery

The Bajina Basta fruit orchards are located between the slopes of Povlen and Tara mountains. These mountains are blessed with one of the most important requisites in fruit growing. Todays generation have proudly named their brandy “Old song”in memory of their ancestors, who worked hard but also enjoyed a good drink and a good sing-along.


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