Williams Pear Brandy With Ripe Pear Thread Of Gruza

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Item location: Croatia
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Williams Pear Brandy With Ripe Pear Thread Of Gruza



0.55 l, 42% alc.

Visually stunning and perfectly tasting William’s pear brandy. Colourless and clear pear brandy with pleasant aroma of Williams pear.

Aleksic family holds a great respect among the brandy lovers in East Europe. All of their product have won multiple awards, but their William’s pair brandy with the fruit inside is most certainly their premium product. Each bottle is attached to a young fruit while is still on the tree so it can grow until the bottle is filled with nothing but a pure pear taste. The fruit amplifies the taste of brandy, and some people like to break a bottle after it’s empty and eat the fruit itself.


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about brandy recommended 4 / 5
Stunning! I just love distilleries that care about their presentation as much as they do about their liquid product. This premium William’s pear brandy carries a strong aroma with a very smooth taste. This brandy gets all of my respect, both for its packing and its taste.


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bar code 8606104413078 Williams Pear Brandy With Ripe Pear Thread Of Gruza
bar code 8606104413078

A family-owned distillery located in Sumadija, central Serbian region, it distills very good Serbian plum brandy. The famous village of Gruza has always grown local varieties of plum and produced very good plum brandy, which was known and recognized throughout the world.



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