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Apricot Brandy Magic Apricot Brandy Magic

Sweet and aromatic, this apricot brandy really stands to its name – Magic!

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Cherry Liqueur Flirt Cherry Liqueur Flirt

Dark red colour liqueur made of ripe cherries.

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Herbal Brandy Travaklija Herbal Brandy Travaklija

Travaklija is a quality herbal brandy made according to the old Serbian tradition using modern technologies.

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Plum brandy Povlenka Slivovitz Plum brandy Povlenka Slivovitz

Golden yellow colour and a bit harsh taste of strong Slivovitz

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Plum brandy Queen Slivovitz Plum brandy Queen Slivovitz

Double - distilled slivovitz, aged and enriched in oak wood. Dark amber colour. The only Serbian Slivovitz with Protected Geographical Origin.

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Quince brandy Nostalgia Quince brandy Nostalgia

Nice yellow colour, excellent fragrance of quince brandy

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Raspberry brandy Obsession Raspberry brandy Obsession

Clear and colourless brandy distilled of raspberry with strong fruity odor

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Slivovitz honey brandy Medena Slivovitz honey brandy Medena

Milder slivovitz with honey and royal jelly. Sweet taste.

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